Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blueberry Kinda' Day

Hot, Muggy and Sunny!
Just the kind of weather for blueberries to grow.
How do I know? I LOVE them so!!
I have studied, drawn, cooked, and eaten them fresh,
as jelly on toasts or served as sauce in a dish.
I have whipped up a cake, or some muffins, or pie,
prepared them for topping a cheese cake (no lie).
Into a blender for drinks so refreshing
I often thank God for the wonderful blessing.
I lust for these berries and soon I will go
and pick from the bushes where ever they grow.
My fingers all blue, my lips and teeth, too,
This happens each summer. It is nothing new.
Well, off it is now, with bucket in hand
to delicious, nutritious Blueberry Land!