Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Vacation with my Man

Whether the weather is foul or fair,
our really true friends will always be there.
In the North or the South, the East or the West,
I can tell you our friends are really the best.

As we travel from snow, to the warmth of the South
the roadsides reveal the change in the growth
of the crocus, then dogwoods, magnolias and palms
For the heat of the South-land, we give great alms.

Our friends are so patient as they wait our arrival,
and greet us with guest suite and feast that's not trivial.
We drink and laugh - remember the old days
Take pictures, and lunch, quibble over who pays.

My Mom used to say - "Guests like fish, three days stink"
So, on we will move, it is best, we do think.
As a welcomed guests, we would like to return,
We will clean up our space, there'll be no concern.

We will wash the sheets and clean up the bath
Vaccum the carpet and sweep the path
Dust the guest room and straighten the closet
Make sure in the toilet there is left no deposit.

Empty the waste from the rooms in the suite
Pick up the cups, make the bed with clean sheets.
Check under the bed for any stray things,
like socks or undies or diamond rings.

"You didn't have to do that" they say,
But, we knowwe'll be welcome again some day.
You may think we are moochs, but we have been told
We must stay with them, for our friendship's like gold

Now, we're out the drive and on our way
to another friend's home, at which we will stay.
We look forward to each stop, away from the cold
and seeing our friends, onto which we will hold.

And of course when conditions down south get real buggy
we hope they'll come north, away from heat and the muggy
weather that's oppressive, and will stay
with us for three days or more,
that's the way we all play!