Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dreamer

9:00 AM! Where have I been? In Paris or London, Italy or Japan? Oh! I've slept and vivid dreamed again. I think I have the answer, though. I've been in downtown San Francisco. My sister Peg was on the go, and we met somewhere down below... yes, under the Golden Gate Bridge, I think. I was drawing there in pen and ink. She introduced a man to me. His name was Salvatore Dali. I was quite impressed, you see. I love the art of the man, Dali. He took us on a tour, quite grand! He wanted my mind to expand, and look at the world of Dali Land. I was overwhelmed with sights - most were fine, and some were frights. The colors, patterns and made up faces... textures, symbols, and use of spaces... odd kinds of angles and things in strange places. Up and down in elevators and lifts we went. I've no idea how long we spent, climbing stairs of stone and wood, but I tell you, the work was good! Not all Mr. Dali's, Oh, no. There were one's, he said that were yet to go. What he meant, I didn't know. Then he stated, that some awaited to be created. He was quite frank with me, and said this meeting was meant to be. I'm supposed to create art with him. You see, I must go into meditation and collaborate on my next creation. When we're done, we'll look with fascination, at a Dali like piece,with a slight deviation, it will have manifested from Jean's imagination. It's all so strange, the places I've been and things I've seen. But, I thank the Universe for this vivid dream.

Friday, July 16, 2010

It was hotter than Hades this summer day. The pool, no doubt, was the place to play. But much to my surprise on arriving there, I saw two frogs - they were quite a pair. They were casually sitting upon each other - one was the kid, the other was the mother. I stared for a bit...not knowing what to do! Then thought for a minute, "They were probably hot, too". I watched while they jumped into the pool, but they didn't know the Golden Rule - "Look before you leap!", which they did not do. Before I knew it they were floundering. So, I jumped in the pool to retrieve the things. Put them up on the searing concrete... Hot for frogs with such little feet... Off they hopped with out any nods. And that's my story of the pool and the frogs!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blueberry Kinda' Day

Hot, Muggy and Sunny!
Just the kind of weather for blueberries to grow.
How do I know? I LOVE them so!!
I have studied, drawn, cooked, and eaten them fresh,
as jelly on toasts or served as sauce in a dish.
I have whipped up a cake, or some muffins, or pie,
prepared them for topping a cheese cake (no lie).
Into a blender for drinks so refreshing
I often thank God for the wonderful blessing.
I lust for these berries and soon I will go
and pick from the bushes where ever they grow.
My fingers all blue, my lips and teeth, too,
This happens each summer. It is nothing new.
Well, off it is now, with bucket in hand
to delicious, nutritious Blueberry Land!

Saturday, July 3, 2010



Up I got at crack of dawn. Went to the kitchen, put the tea kettle on.
Went to the window for a breath of air. Saw my friend the squirrel there.
Heard the pot whistle. Poured water in the cup. He heard me and sat straight up.
He looked at me with tea in hand. I looked at him on the railing and...
He jumped so high and ran away. It startled me in a curious way.
I felt quite badly, I have to say, interrupted his breakfast this sunny Saturday.

Unlike my friend the squirrel, I had a lovely breakfast with a dear friend of over 20 years.
She called me on the spur of the moment and asked me to join her. I am delighted to say we had a wonderful time!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Out from behind the clouds the sky appeared, azure blue and clear.
I raised my head and the view before my eyes lifted my spirits.
Dark foliage under which I had been sitting was no longer the picture.
It became the frame for the creator's work of art before me.