Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dreamer

9:00 AM! Where have I been? In Paris or London, Italy or Japan? Oh! I've slept and vivid dreamed again. I think I have the answer, though. I've been in downtown San Francisco. My sister Peg was on the go, and we met somewhere down below... yes, under the Golden Gate Bridge, I think. I was drawing there in pen and ink. She introduced a man to me. His name was Salvatore Dali. I was quite impressed, you see. I love the art of the man, Dali. He took us on a tour, quite grand! He wanted my mind to expand, and look at the world of Dali Land. I was overwhelmed with sights - most were fine, and some were frights. The colors, patterns and made up faces... textures, symbols, and use of spaces... odd kinds of angles and things in strange places. Up and down in elevators and lifts we went. I've no idea how long we spent, climbing stairs of stone and wood, but I tell you, the work was good! Not all Mr. Dali's, Oh, no. There were one's, he said that were yet to go. What he meant, I didn't know. Then he stated, that some awaited to be created. He was quite frank with me, and said this meeting was meant to be. I'm supposed to create art with him. You see, I must go into meditation and collaborate on my next creation. When we're done, we'll look with fascination, at a Dali like piece,with a slight deviation, it will have manifested from Jean's imagination. It's all so strange, the places I've been and things I've seen. But, I thank the Universe for this vivid dream.

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Anonymous said...

Jean, So glad that you are right there on Lori's sidebar. Now I can jump right over. I know that I'm going to enjoy your writing, and I've always enjoyed your art work.